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Upcoming week in Westminster

February 7, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

After an interesting weekend including Cameron’s “multiculturalism has failed” speech and Paul Maynard’s excellent but deeply concerning interview in The Times, we come back to a windy Westminster with a tasty week ahead.

Today sees Education Questions with Secretary of State Michael Gove. John Stephenson, Conservative MP for Carlisle, will ask Gove about the standards of teaching, while David Wright (Labour, Telford) raises the thorny issue regarding the size of the EMA replacement. We can bet that awkward questions will be asked about the cost of setting up the Free Schools programme, and I’m personally hoping that someone will tie in Cameron’s speech on Saturday. With Cameron bemoaning the lack of integration, how can this situation be helped by supporting the founding of faith-based schools, one might ask.

We’ve also got a statement from Cameron on all things EU and North Africa, including the release of Abdelbase Al-Megrahi, while William Hague is in front of the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Gove is back in action on Tuesday when the Education Bill returns to the Commons for its second reading. The Bill is supposedly aimed at giving schools more freedom to operate, although opponents of the Bill argue that the effect will actually be the opposite.

Thursday will bring challenges to the Coalition as Members debate voting rights for prisoners. Paul Waugh is reporting that Ministers will have a free vote on the debate and Number 10 expects them to abstain. One Minister who apparently won’t be is Home Office minister Lynne Featherstone.

The Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill rears its ugly head once again in the Lords as it returns for the Report Stage. There were no all-nighters last week as a deal had reportedly been struck between the two sides, although this week will see Labour peers fighting to ensure that promises are kept to.

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