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Big day for coalition as MPs debate Health Bill

The highlight of today’s Commons sitting will not be PMQs.

Instead, it will be the Opposition Day motion tabled by Labour on the Coalition’s NHS reforms.

Or, more rightly, on the Government’s NHS reforms.

Lib Dem Spring conference last week saw an angry backlash from party members and backbench MPs alike, who, while welcoming some parts of the Health and Social Care Bill, were concerned that the reforms would act against the founding principles of the NHS: available to all, free at the point of use, and based on need, not the ability to pay.

Conference backed a Motion to amend the Bill, and similar sentiments are included in Labour’s motion today.

Indeed, one phrase in Labour’s motion is directly lifted from the one passed by the Lib Dem conference.

Labour will be hoping that by tabling such a Motion they will not only be able to score political points, especially in light of the BMA’s emergency meeting yesterday.

But they will also want to show splits between Lib Dem backbenchers and Lib Dem Ministers.

More importantly, it is an chance for Lib Dem and Labour MPs alike to put forward the case for stopping the damaging aspects of the proposed reforms.

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